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    BIG-1: SUNDAY May 29th, Hot Laps at 6:00, time trials and racing to follow. Classes . Purple $500 , Gold $749, 350 flathead Semi-Pro $749, 350 Flathead Pro $1200, Sr. Clone $500, UAS $250 added to regular pay-off, we are also looking at Sr. Animal 350 and Sr. champ if there is any interest. Right now we have added money for the Jr. Gold and Sr. Clone From Todd Watt logging and VSI racing. We are looking for sponsors for the other classes also. Semi-pro is limited to racers who NEVER won $750 or more before. Minimum 6 karts per class.


    R/Rookie, beginners class, purple plate 250 lbs,

    Purple Rookie, purple plate, 250 lbs, age 6--10

    Blue plate, 275 lbs

    Gold plate, 300 lbs

    Light 325 lbs, over 15, flat head

    Medium 345 lbs, over 15, flat head

    Heavy 365 lbs over 15, flat head

    X-Heavy 400 lbs, driver 200 lbs minimum

    Sr. Champs 410 lbs

    Sr. Clone 350 lbs, AKRA , over 15

    Chargers, over 15

    Sr. Rookies, over 15

    Sr. Animal, 350 lbs, over 15

    New Class's available over 3 karts or tractors

    Points are awarded for class's that have more than 3 karts