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Practice 7:30             Gates open 4:00

Burris  Tire Track


2015 Money races

Below is a listing of our  big money races for the 2015 season.  Please bring proof of age to each event as you may be required to show it.  A payout for each event will be given out the day of the race.  Payout depends on the number of karts registered for each class .  The Burris Tire only rule does  apply for the all of the big money races.  If you have any questions please call us at 814-371-1633 or send us an email. Winners money is guaranteed!!!! With 12/6  or more karts.

BIG-1 2015     6:00 is Hot Laps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  proof of age required
 350lbs Pro and Semi Pro $750.00 to win Jr blue
  • 125.00 Registration Fee
    age 14 and up
    $125 entry
    12 kart minimum


  • $65.00 Registration Fee
    Age up to 13
    $65 entry
    6 kart minimum
    BIG-1 2015
Super Series information  
  • Registration Fee is by series
  • BeTram Champ class's   Sr Champ, Jr Champ black  and Jr Champ purple
  • Clones, AKRA rules
  • PA Wings



RACEFEST 2015, August 30th



2001-2015 Race 1 Motorspeedway